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The Drain Camera Shop

Pairing the Best Drain & Sewer Camera For Sale with the Best Service

Exceptional Customer Service

From beginning to end, we’ll offer our expertise to make sure you buy the best product for you and your business. Even if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can customize equipment and packages to meet your needs.

High-Quality Products

Providing innovative products makes serving our clients easy. The Drain Camera Shop knows the importance of value. We offer quality products for a competitive price. Our products are second to none when it comes to durability and usability.

Passionate and Personal

We couldn’t provide great customer service or offer our innovative products without our amazing staff. Our staff is among the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Their expertise in equipment and passion for service helps us stay high-tech and hands-on.


The Drain Camera Shop is a locally owned Canadian company with sales and service to all of Canada and the United States. We believe it is important for a company to be community-minded, that is why we strive to give back to local causes and charities.

Our Products


Push Cameras & Reels

Hathorn push cameras for sewers and reels are easy to use and ruggedly designed to withstand the worst conditions. They come in a variety of sizes so you’re sure to find a fit with their amazing products.

Their camera systems have easy menus to navigate. You’ll be able to record on a USB, or save the recording directly on the hard drive. The simple interface makes transferring media between drives or to a computer a breeze.

Learn more about The Drain Camera Shop’s sewer cameras for sale and reels!

Crawlers and Cameras

The IRIS and Deep Trekker DT340 crawlers and cameras are designed for the worst sanitary and storm lines. You can depend on their powerful and rugged design to endure the toughest jobs you can throw at them.

The Deep Trekker DT340 Pipe Inspection Crawler Camera features a technologically advanced, yet portable design that comes in only two carrying cases.

High Tech, and User-Friendly Equipment

Part of providing great service is providing great products. The Drain Camera Shop offers the best equipment in the market.

We offer products that feature the latest technology. From the crawlers to push cameras, The Drain Camera Shop believes in only providing our customers with the most advanced products.

The user-friendly equipment makes tasks easier. The straightforward and simple operation will increase your productivity and help you serve more people.

Ask us Anything!

Do you have any questions? We’re here to help!

Our Customers Say…

“Being able to show our customers that the job has been done properly has dramatically increased our business. I would recommend The Drain Camera Shop for both their quality products and excellent service.”

“Having worked with other push cameras Hathorn sets itself apart with the clarity of the picture, ability to record to USB, and lightweight easy to use units.”

“As an independent rental company, we look for quality equipment, backed by great service. The Drain Camera Shop provides both.”