Inspecting pipes

In the plumbing business, video cameras are most the essential tools. Cameras that are waterproof view pipes and inspect sewer lines that are in your house’s cement, a foundation of your home or underground. The camera has radio transmitters that show the location of any defect from its surface and its depth so that your skilled technician can precisely identify, make a diagnosis and solve the obstructions throughout the inspection of pipes using video cameras. The trained technician uses a flexible rod that has a video camera with a high resolution to go through the pipes, viewing
around the corners too.

Identifying problems using video cameras

Using a video camera to inspect pipes detects all types of defects. The camera diagnoses obstructions, leaks, and grease that has built up in the pipes. Cameras also catch off-graded, broken, misaligned, corroded, punctured pipes and also pipes that have roots intruding. If you experience clogs in your pipes, drains that are slow or frequent sewer stoppages, you should consider video camera pipe inspection. Video cameras can also locate small animals trapped or lost inside pipes causing the blockage. It is also helpful in searching for valuables like lost jewelry. It is important before purchasing a house to inspect using the video camera to make sure that the sewer lines are in excellent shape, free of defects and obstructions. It is necessary to repeat an inspection after any service has been performed to the pipes to ensure that they are properly repaired or cleaned. Crawler camera and sewer push cameras are video cameras used for inspection.


Using a Crawler camera

By the use of crawler cameras, you can locate blockages and obstructions. Skilled operators use a camera that is remote controlled technologically on a movable crawler. The technician gets high-resolution details of the inside of the pipe. The crawler camera gives accurate data of corrosion, leaks, a severity of a crack in pipes. The camera has its lighting and videos are passed on in real time. A crawler is essential in sewer and water video pipeline inspection, pipes that carry byproducts, hydrocarbons, and gases. This technology is useful for cleaning, repairing and preparing tubes. A ramjet is brought in to extricate blockages and remove encrustations using jets of water with high pressure.

Using a Sewer push camera

Do you have a drain problem and do not know where to dig? You can use a sewer push camera to video inspect because it has a relatively small cost. A sewer camera video inspection is a process where your skilled specialist runs video lines through waste pipes. How does the sewer push camera help you know where to dig? A camera at the end of the line allows clear vision. There is a transmitter in the camera unit. At the point of blockage, the technician stops the camera, goes up to the ground level, waves a locating device until it gets the transmitting signal, letting the tech spot the exact place of blockage, hence digging the sewer trench there.

If you consider adding a kitchen or a bathroom to your home, you might need a sewer video inspection to make sure that sewer lines can handle the increased quantities of waste water. However, most people call in sewer line video inspection when they experience cases of blockage in their homes that cannot be solved by liquid drain cleaners or plunge.