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Why You Should Get A Sewer Inspection Before Buying A New Home

Once you have your dream home and the inspection is done, you are ready to settle in. Or are you? Even though inspections are a standard, it is not uncommon for sewer pipe inspection systems to be called in for additional inspections, but the problem is that you already own the house. It happens frequently, […]

How a Sewer Push Camera Works – The Basics

Proper usage and maintenance of a sewer line is an essential task that requires a collective responsibility from both homeowners and the institutions responsible. However, only a few property holders are aware of this. Any interference in a sewer line can cause wastewater to back up to the source. This can cause severe property damage […]

MIT To Use Sewer Inspection Robots To Analyse And Detect Diseases

It’s a little well-known fact that sewers withhold microbial information. Thanks to sewer inspection robots, Luigi and Mario,  MIT scientists are mining through to obtain the answers that they are looking for. They are sending them to underground Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts to study how illnesses can spread through populations in cities. This project is […]